First and foremost, what you need to know about Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Flooring is that it is extremely photo sensitive. The coloring of your wood will be different down the line than at the time it is installed in your home. Brazilian Cherry will change dramatically in your home. The hardwood floor will start out light with installation and then darken with exposure to sunlight. Brazilian Cherry Hardwood comes in a lot of variation of color. The overall tone of this exotic hardwood will be red, with light and dark brown mixed in. There will also be some dark streaks in the Brazilian Cherry floor. The beauty of the floor is the variation so there is a lot of options with design around the floor. Another great feature is the hardness of Brazilian Cherry flooring, the janka score of this species is about 2800 and above. We don’t put a lot in hardness in floor, but it isn’t a bad thing to have a harder floor. Brazilian Cherry is an oily wood so be sure to work with a professional when dealing with a sand and finish with this wood species. Another important factor is to let this floor acclimate, the exotic hardwoods are more sensitive to moisture than other domestic woods.