Flooring My Life Installer for Customer

We provide customers easy access to the best flooring installers in their area. With a simple click of a mouse you can have multiple bids from top professionals coming your way instantly. Never worry about who is coming into your home anymore because Flooring My Life Installer highlights individuals instead of companies so you know exactly who is coming into your home and the quality of work that they do. You’re not alone, when you contract with an installer with flooring my life installer you can pay through our secure payment and contact us for any support to assure your project gets done right.

Flooring My Life Installer for Installers

For flooring installers we offer the opportunity to highlight their greatest talents in a way that produces more work  for them at a  minimal cost. Our marketplace allows installers to search for new projects whenever they want and also get sought out by customers who feel you are a good match for their project. Slow times are a thing of the past. With their own online profile, filled with portfolios of their last works and reviews from prior customers flooring installers get a one of a kind platform to highlight their skills and expertise. Through constructive customer feedback and support from the Flooring My Life Installer Team, installers are getting better every day.

Meet the Team

Flooring My Life Installer has a core team of innovators and customer support in our San Jose location. The vision and plans from our team is excuted from a network of freelancers from around the world.

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