Hardwood Flooring Finish Options

You have a couple different options when it comes to your hardwood finish. First you have a custom sand and place option also known as sand in place. That is where we bring the wood into your house, we install it then sand and finish your floor after it has been installed. When this happens usually we use an oil base or water base urethane. A lot of people like water base today because it is environmental friendly, dries faster and there are very little fumes with the water base finish. The prefinished option for your hardwood floor is rich in color, levels better and is generally less expensive.

With prefinished products you get a little more options because they are able to do more work in the factory. Prefinished products are also more durable. A lot of the options you see with prefinished products are aluminum oxide or ceramic oxide pre finishes. These finishes are a lot harder which makes for a more durable hardwood floor for your home. The down side to this is you lose some of the clarity in the hardwood floor because of the chemicals they have put on it.

The best overall finish really depends on what is important for you and what look you want in your home. The oxide finishes are more durable but not as clear. Polyurethane finishes are clearer but less durable. So the finish for your hardwood floor really depends on what you the buyer wants. If you have any questions contact Flooring My Life today. You can shop for you hardwood floors on FlooringMyLife.com

Hardwood Flooring Finish