Maple hardwood is one of the more popular species of hardwood and in this video owner Donnie Gupton informs you on what you need to know about maple before making your purchase. Maple hardwood is primarily a Northern American species of wood which makes it a great price point product depending on whom you’re buying from. Another very important factor to consider when purchasing your floor is the hardness of it and maple is amongst one of the hardest species of wood ranking in the 1400’s on the Janka scale. Color wise, naturally, maple has a creamy white-like coloring. Typically that’s what we’re going to tell our customers when picking out a maple hardwood. With maple, it stains really well in the factory, however, the challenge with staining maple is very few contractors will do it on site. Maple hardwood is a closed grain wood so it doesn’t accept the stain very easily which can create a very blotchy look on your floor. Another thing to pay attention to with this floor is the acclamation. Acclamation is important with all floors but especially with a maple because it’s a lighter wood and if you experience shrinkage, it may be easier to see the darker lines on your floor. Now last but not least, you should pay attention to the finish you’re using on the maple hardwood. When it comes to oil based vs water based finishes, nine times out of ten you’re going to want to go with the water based finish on a maple. It’s going to keep a more clear and natural color rather than yellow looking tones. We have tons and tons of different maple harwood samples for you to see, contact us today!