Product Description

QuickStep Reclaimé Collection

QuickStep Reclaimé Collection: Premium soft-scraped textures and longer plank lengths provide style that is unique at this price point. The subtle, sculpted finish follows the relief of each floor’s visual design, while natural, pressed beveled edge details deliver a realistic appearance.

Quickstep Laminate Flooring

Quickstep Laminate Flooring is incredibly easy to clean, all you have to do it Easy to keep sweep, dust wipe up the occasional spills and mop when you feel the need. So you know your floor will always be looking its very best.

Laminate are always floating so they are comfortable

Imitation factor for the Quickstep Laminate flooring is absolutely phenomenal. You can barely tell that your floor I laminate. Quickstep Flooring did such an impeccable job through the process of making their laminate floor we guarantee you will love it and will barely be able to tell that it’s not actual hardwood they have great visuals.

Quickstep Laminate Flooring is as simple as it gets when it comes to putting a floor together. It is remarkably easy to do it yourself and put together. Quickstep Laminate comes with a limited Lifetime Warranty. Please feel free to check out our laminate flooring products on Flooring My Life and contact us with any questions you may have.